Let bots do your dating

We create multiple dating profiles so you get 20x as many matches. Don't waste time swiping and waiting for matches, we auto-swipe & forward your chats directly to our app.
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Version 2.0 : Let a sex doll perform for you after the date?
@yash And then your date brings one too, and now it's just two sex dolls going at it. Fully automated dating, lel.
Surely this is against the terms of service of ALL dating services. Also, check it out, I wrote the bot's first line: "'Sup"? Does it automate sending dickpics too?
@chrismessina You get puppet profiles, with auto swipe. The objective is to drastically increase the number of matches so you can flirt with more people :) We can send an opening message but it's not a chat bot ! You do all the flirting. And.... No.
Hilariously epic. Any plans for other apps? I think Tinder would be an obvious choice but I've found that Shapr is incredible for networking and the match rate is insane.
@growwithlogan Tinder, and Hinge are up next
When you're too lazy to figure out r/seduction
That's interesting! I guess the product doesn't actually call the dating app APIs directly, but rather they automate a headless browser or mobile apps in some way.