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Why didn't you call it 'Bae Area'?
Nice UX, Awesome team - can't wait to see this develop!
@on1200s this is an extremely crowded and competitive space... how will you survive and thrive? I saw a "feedback-style" feature on another dating app and I'm not sure that is a good way to go (IMO).... someone may have a bad date with a match but that bad date could just as easily be the perfect date for someone else. Also what is the motivation for people to leave feedback? (I'm not sure that 'helping the community' is a big enough hook). With today's fast-paced dating scene (and apps to boot) do you think people will be happy to take the time to leave feedback?
@bentossell We are agree that just because you don't click with one person does not mean that that person is not a good match for another. We have a predefined list of feedback choices that users can leave about their matches based on their online and/or in-person interactions. The various choices can have positive, negative, or no effect on future matches. In this case, when you don't click with a user, your feedback would have no effect. With regards to the motivation for leaving feedback. At any given time, a user can have five active and pending matches in order to ensure that our users are focused on the users they are currently matched or communicating with. In order to receive additional matches, users need to close matches and leave feedback on why they are closing the match. Similar to how Uber or Lyft requires you to leave feedback on the driver before you can request a new ride.
@on1200s ahh ok. makes sense - you've obviously thought about that. So what is the big differentiator of this product vs the countless others in the space? What will make people choose to use this over the others?
@bentossell Our approach to feedback is the biggest differentiator. As users of countless other dating sites and apps, we don't believe there will be one dating site/app to rule them all. Our goal is to bring more transparency and accountability to the online dating experience. The messages @mia_matsumiya receive should never happen to anyone. I'm not saying we will prevent those messages from being sent but if you do send them, you sure as hell won't be matched in the future on our site.
@on1200s what messages were those? Yeah I don't think there will be one to rule them all as it is very much about taste. But you need to attract a good amount of people for it to work, of course. I wonder if a feedback 'hook' will be enough to draw the crowds, I'm not sure.
@bentossell @mia_matsumiya was and probably still is receiving creepy, disturbing, and bizarre messages on online dating sites. Here's a link to an article covering her experiences: Our hope is that by bringing accountability to online dating, we will draw more users. Time is our most valuable asset as humans. We don't want our users to waste their time getting catfished, exchanging dozens of messages but never meeting up, meeting up but having the other person look ten years older than their photos or showing up 20 minutes late to the date.