Date Parallel is a literal dating app helping dates honestly communicate romantic intentions and expectations, in-person! Experienced daters know the value of gritty truths and how easily hard questions escape conversation.
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This is a very early launch of Date Parallel (iOS only). We'd really love to hear your thoughts on pairing with a partner and safely unveiling your romantic truths! Looking forward to learning from the Product Hunt community. Lots of room for improvement and refining. This app is for those who want to ensure their dates are clearly on the same page (in parallel) and want to test which type of romantic relationship actually has most aligned expectations. For those who "know" what their date is about: Are you sure? Why risk wasting six months when you can spend six minutes unveiling meaningful and fun conversations--and have better dates, faster!
Hi @russ_haywood I really loved the idea and it definitely fills a huge gap that exist in this industry! Really looking forward to it's application, branding is dope! Also, would love to feature it on my Instagram handle and would love to have on my Business Podcast as guest which will expose it to Indian masses! Looking forward to your reply! Please drop in your email address if interested! Thanks
@porush_puri It's great to hear from you. Indeed, let's talk more:
@russ_haywood I'm curious what kind of research went into this product. Personally I like the idea of more direct dating and stating clearly what you're looking for and up for, but I wonder how much of the dating pool is willing/able/ready to express such things... and what would cause them to do so, or choose not to.
@chrismessina Hello, Chris. Thank you for your fine question. Indeed, Parallel isn't for everyone looking to romantically date, likely only those who care about their emotional and social energy (Most likely busy working professionals?) We're still testing exactly who this might be. We know EVERY relationship benefits from communicating hard (even dangerous expectations) as early as possible... A person dating to "just see what happens" is probably not our market. At first we thought "young folks" would not be our market as "why would a young person care about their time", yet I've been extremely impressed with the sexual/relationship wisdom of the Gen Z-ers I've talked with.... So, there's much to learn. On the Romantic Expectations questionnaires in the app, we've contracted with a psychology PhD and have just hired a field researcher to test/improve the content. Some of the questions are sourced from common sense, some from hard life experiences, and some from academia. All content is super easy to change and adjust from an administration side; so once we learn something new, we can move fast :)
14 February is the best date for release! Good luck!
@menstorynews Vlad, thank you!
@menstorynews Thank you! We're excited about our product and eager to hear feedback! Being able to quickly understand your dates intentions and expectations should create a better date!
Bluetooth only?
@jxffb iOS Multipeer-only, for now, which means it auto-selects between Bluetooth, Wifi Direct, and regular Wifi, depending on stability.