Date Night

Not sure where to eat? Find a place with Date Night

Date Night uses the Yelp API to get random restaurants in your area and display them to you in an informative way. If you see a restaurant you like, you can save it for later, and when you're ready, view all the details again.
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Hello! This is my first product on Product Hunt, I started working on this as a personal project but decided I could polish it up and make it a good portfolio project. One of the key features of the app is the ability to save a restaurant and look at its information later. Normally the information is saved to the device, however, you can login with a Blockstack ID and have the information stored off the device, and accessible from any other device. I started using Blockstack after seeing a partnership between them and Lambda School, which is the school I am attending, and thought that their model would be a good fit for this app. Thank you for taking the time to look this! Please feel free to leave any feedback you may have!
The link to google play seems broken