Datazar Paper

Interactive and reproducible scientific papers.

Datazar Paper is an interactive and reproducible scientific paper. With a simple, Medium-like editor, Paper brings the power of the Web and interactivity to the trusted technical paper. Include everything you make on Datazar, from notebooks to visualizations to data on your Paper for everyone to see and understand.

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That logo looks familiar
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@serglotz probably just the E, but it looks a lot like the Tesla logo too.
@serglotz I've actually never seen their wordmark :/ we use our fonts based on our Datazar logo/wordmark. I think a lot of companies have this style now (we came in pretty late)
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@serglotz @ata_aman it's a trend in design. there are a ton of logos like using an E and the A like this.
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Hello ProductHunt! We're super excited to introduce Datazar Paper! Datazar Papers is the next step in the evolution of the scientific paper. Moving away from static images and text and to more interactivity will allow us all to understand the complex ideas we find ourselves inventing today. I've written more about this on our blog post, but here are some key points I want to share: 1. Interactivity📈 : Datazar Paper allows you to publish live D3 Visualizations you can make using a JS and CSS editor on Datazar. This means if the visualization is interactive (meaning you can slide buttons and change element states etc...), the reader will be able to get out of your content by going through the different layers of the paper. 2. Reproducibility♻️: Datazar has something called "Replication" which means a user can replicate (or copy) an entire project by click of a button (including the Paper). So Papers are easy to literally replicate and to replicate in the sense of re-doing what's described in the report. 3. Reach📢: Since Datazar Papers are 100% based on the Web, you can reach more people by simply sharing a link to your content. We'll soon release mobile apps and the natural support of the interactive paper will make technical papers that much fun to read, understand and share. Blog post:
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@ata_aman How do you plan to provide it to scientific publishers eg IEEE, ACM?
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@dimitriblock honestly we've been thinking hard about this? there's many ways to go about it and we're in contact with a few of them to figure out how to best approach it. stay tuned for what we come up with soon
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A few things 1. Add messaging to your hero image. I have no idea what Paper is or how it can help me until I scrolled to the bottom. 2. The getting started button is to hard to find. You have a gorgeous flat image you should move it closer to. You have 2 seconds to convert a visitor to a user. If it's not easy for them to find, your bounce rates will be sky high. 😢 Onboarding ✅I like the referral system to people already in the system. Product 1. I have no idea what is going on. How do I write a paper? How do I find other users? Is this a social network or a project management tool?
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@dredurr Thanks for the pointers Dre! We're a work in progress on documentation for sure. That's where we're working on right on and I promise you it will get much clearer. For now to write a paper here are the steps: 1) create a project 2) Click "New File" 3) and then you'll see Paper under "Documents". Hope this helps!
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I will try
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Great job!! 😊 Will check it out !!
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