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Hello Product Hunt! I'm Aman, creator/ceo of Datazar. I'm really, really excited everyone here gets to see what we've been working hard on. Datazar is a research collaboration platform where anyone can find, use and share scientific data. There are places on the web where one can find scientific data, to either support or confirm their research, and there are so many places on the web where one can publish results from a research project. But we can't conduct research on the web. A lot of the context (analysis, discussions, methods) is left out when publishing and there is no incentive to upload post-publishing. A majority of the problems comes from not having a place for researchers to do their research. To collaborate, discuss, track methods. Datazar allows researchers to conduct their project on the web where the whole team can be on the same page. When the research gets published, everyone is able to see what steps the team (or individual) took to get to the result. Other people can then re-run the research or even use it to make something bigger. The more the scientific processes become more and more popular outside of the scientific community, I believe we, now more than ever, need a solid collaboration platform that's built specifically for the researchers, the scientists and the curious. I really hope everyone likes Datazar and enjoy using what we've built so far. We've only just started, a lot more to come. If you have any questions please do reach out to me or the team!
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@ata_aman I'm not a researcher, but I'm curious if you have a push for capturing data points that don't get published because they prove the null hypothesis true? I've heard (somewhere) that a lot of research doesn't get published because it proves what people believe is true already. This seems like a problem to me. Hope Datazar can address that.
@mccroden It's a huge problem. but proving something is also everything the scientific process is built on. regardless if it proves something right or wrong, it should get published. you're right, it happens a lot, it's also one of the biggest reasons that keeps us going. thanks for pointing that out! it's a cultural shift that needs to happen.
@mccroden @ata_aman Just to clarify - one cannot prove the null hypothesis true. The null hypothesis is the status quo, which is often times an absence of a hypothesis. The null hypothesis usually holds that the factor in the alternative hypothesis has nothing to do with the observations in the study. You can either claim the alternative hypothesis holds true with a certain confidence thereby disproving the null hypothesis, or fail to disprove the null hypothesis. It's a subtle difference in language, but a huge difference in terms of how we think.
@ram_srinivasan @mccroden but I think more than disproving the hypothesis, it's finding flaws in the original methods (re-doing the analysis with the same data) that scares a lot of researchers.
Hey all! I think now would be a good time to mention Datazar has an open data API. Power up your apps with streamable goodness: Here's an example app I did earlier this week:
Awesome product! Looking forward to uploading some of my company's data to see how others leverage it. Very cool.
@matthewlenahan can't wait to see the results!
Awesome product, really enjoy the clean UI/UX. What's the big vision? I see that what you're solving is clearly a huge problem for the scientific and casual community, and I think great things can come out of this sort of open collaboration on data. Would love to hear your thoughts.
@trey_hakanson thanks for the kind words! the big vision is to have an open collaboration platform for the whole research community where other people can see each other's data and analysis. we focus a lot on the data specifically because that's usually the starting point and can be easily re-used. just imagine being able to see other people research data. so many things you can build on top of it.
I was fortunate enough to catch a live demo & discussion of Datazar at a bay area meetup recently. I (like the rest of us that attended) was very impressed by the platform, and here it is with a bunch of new awesome improvements. You guys move fast!
@connorbowlan thanks! stay tuned, a lot more to come!