Make money by selling your personal data to marketing firms.

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LOL. This heavily reminds me of selling your soul to satan.
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@thelambostory Just sold my soul! 7693 what...
@kruelo2 satan support center will contact you shortly, stay tuned.
I've been using Datacoup for a while, which seems similar to this. So far I've earned $65.88 with them. Which is pretty awesome, for doing nothing
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@_jacksmith sadly USA only now.
@_jacksmith How long did it take to earn that much?
@zefareu about 18 months. I just left it running in the background and have gradually withdrawn money from it
@_jacksmith well, to be really precise, it's not really "doing nothing". you can count on some kind of annoying ads / spam that will either cost you time or will trick you to pay the at least the money you got or even more. Don't misunderstand me though, the idea and approach isn't bad, but i only see use for it for people who don't have another choice.
@thelambostory I've been using it for 18+ months as I said, and not had an annoying ads or spam or anything of that nature. Not sure how they'd be able to spam me anyway, as the person buying my data doesn't get my email address or mailing address as far as I'm aware.
Their marketing seems sketchy to me. The tagline "Reclaim the profits ..." and words like "instead" are insinuating you'll get money for data that's already being sold and used by companies, but in reality you're just selling extra data. It's pretty obvious, but I don't like the angle they've chosen here.
@eindbaas Hey Stefan, it's true that using DataWallet won't simply shut down data the supply from other companies and make you the exclusive supplier of your own data. At least not immediately -- it's a huge industry and can only be changed step by step. However, it is the case that 'data buyers' have a certain budget which they set aside to purchase data. When you sell your own data (or in the case of DataWallet it's insights about your data), you can make data available that is off bounds for data brokers - e.g. your Likes on Facebook. This data offers vastly more valuable insights than the data that data brokers can offer (which is data that is either publicly available or licensed to them via 3rd party agreements), so it's in the interest of the 'data buyers' to buy it via you (through DataWallet). When a company decides to use DataWallet, and you get paid for your own data, you are effectively 'reclaiming' the profits made with your data, since the money for it was taken from a budget that would have otherwise been allocated to a different company that would have made these profits instead of you. What other ways do you think we could drive this concept across that would be less sketchy?
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@serafinlion That explanation feels much more transparent and honest
@serafinlion This explanation is heaps better than the landing page. But surely you can't really think it'll replace the other means of data collection by companies completely, do you? If people really want to sell their data: to each their own. I just think the current landing page is misleading.
@eindbaas To be honest, I don't just think that it'll replace other means of data collection, I'm convinced beyond the shadow of a doubt that it will. E.g. public data from Facebook only accounts for roughly 19% of all data you create. And that fraction encompasses mostly demographic dimensions such as your age and hometown. The really valuable insights lie in the 81% of the data that the companies currently sourcing your data cannot access. Data Brokers can never sell better data than you, meaning that when you bring your own data to the market, this will by definition always be the best data available. There's no need for marketers to buy anything anymore, but the data you make available yourself.
Looks like the Instagram API is still in sandbox mode 😉
@nathanaelkhodl yup, we're still working on that one :D
Hey guys, my name is Serafin and I'm the founder of DataWallet. First and foremost thanks to @kwdinc for hunting us! My team and I have been working on this for quite some time, and we're psyched for DW to be (slowly but surely) released for everyone to use. Data Brokerage is definitely one of the shadiest industries in our digital economy, and we've chosen an approach that I can understand some might see as contrarian, but one that we believe can substantially and most importantly sustainably alter the power dynamics of this sector. I'll be on PH for the next hours and try to answer any questions you guys might have. I'm really excited to hear your guys' feedback!! Cheers
@narayananh @kwdinc hey Narayanan, I know, it's a lot at the moment. I just responded in a bit more detail to Jack's post above to explain the reason behind it. We'll increase the monthly acceptance rate, soon.
@serafinlion I did read that, thanks for the explanation. I have noticed a lot of apps giving PH users a quicker way to get in. Is something like that possible?