The fastest way to store & access your critical datapoints.

DataTip is an interface designed to be the fastest & least painful way to your access your critical datapoints.
Mobile-first and optimized for the instant access, DataTip will change the way you remember, store & retrieve information.
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Hello Hunters, Here's a product designed to solve a personal itch: being able to have some critical datapoints that can easily be accessed - in a no-hassle, immediate way. The joy of being sure. Everything is designed to make it easy to get to these datapoints, an interface optimized to bring critical data into intense, real-time conversatiomns. It's an iteration on Evernote, where more important than the complete data - value comes from instant access and then a trail to the original sources or reports. The inspiration comes from a boss that I had who is nothing less than a savant with company metrics. I wanted to harness the power of tech to try to keep up with him, and this was the the spark that got me started on working with DataTip. Please let me know what you think!