Share files the way you'd want to receive them

DataSkimmer makes it easy to share your files the way you want to: on brand, easily skim-able, secure, and able to be updated without re-sending anything. When sharing multiple files, add text and dividers, so recipients know what they're looking at and where to start.
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Hey Product Hunt! I'm Nick, and I'm excited to launch my first product as a solo maker today! Until recently, I had a corporate job sending and receiving a lot of files of all types, through countless methods, and often ended up creating one-page websites to have a single place to send people with all the context they'd need -- while building the brand of my team. I've built DataSkimmer to make it easy for you to share files and even easier for recipients to skim for the data they need. Top problems I want to solve: • Spelunking through endless network drives hoping to stumble on the right content • Emailing a pile of files with attachments that some recipients can't open (who 'Reply All' to complain) • Making a typo and having to resend a file minutes later • Unprofessional packaging on important documents that reduce credibility • Receiving a long spreadsheet in Slack (which is converted to an image preview), downloading the file, opening Excel, finding a CustomerID I want to investigate, opening a browser, navigating to a form on the company intranet, and copy/pasting the ID • Trying to get a file from a phone or laptop or network drive to a conference room computer or presenter's computer quickly Today, the web app and Mac app are ready to use with a freemium model. In the near future, I plan to add a Windows app, mobile app, and other integrations to make it an effortless part of your everyday workflow. I hope DataSkimmer can help you too! ~Nick
Looks great!
@adeelraza Thanks, glad you like it!
This is awesome!
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So cool!! Congrats on the launch!
@jongaudette Thank you, excited to have it live!
Fantastic! I'm especially looking forward to the release of the Windows app. ;-)
@collintate Thanks Collin, it's almost ready!