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Easy access to the stream of home improvement history

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Hey PH! We’re stoked to be launching our API today and BIG thanks to @nivo0o0 & @lipmanb! Today’s real estate data sucks...stop guessing and grab millions of home projects with our API in a second to make data-driven decisions! Predict the next 10,000 houses from SF to NYC that will need emergency repairs this month. Use our insider data to uncover the top 100 real estate deals on the market in Chicago today. Create warning signs for properties that are lemons from coast to coast. DataRole’s API learns from the past so you can predict the future. We know about home improvement projects before they begin. Here are examples of our hourly updates: 1. The year a property’s roof, electrical, and plumbing was replaced. 2. The contractor who did the job. 3. The length of time it took to complete the project. The best things about your apartment isn’t the 2 beds, 1 bath, and 1,000 sq ft. Our data is creating an entirely new business around what real estate search should be and we need your help! Join us as we predict the future of real estate here: What are cool products we can build? Thanks everyone!
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Supper exited to be launching DataRole today. It's a lot like @Mattermark (cc @daniellemorrill) for property data.
@lipmanb @daniellemorrill Mattermark has succeeded when a startup says X for Y and Mattermark is the Y. 🎮
@lipmanb @daniellemorrill or maybe like..Carfax for homes?
@shaanvp @daniellemorrill Love that analogy. We strongly be in the predictive ability of data and with home ownership we are able to help companies see trends and make data driven decisions that where not possible before. Two of the four industries we are focusing on right now are property insurance and the financial tech industry both of which have not been impacted by the wave of data.
@charlesjo @lipmanb @daniellemorrill Totally agree Charles! VCs look for leading indicators of future success (i.e. traction, previous exits, founder-market-fit, etc.). We're displaying the same info for the real estate industry. Traction = Number of jobs in a contractor's pipeline. Previous exits = How many neighbors in my community have hired them before. Founder-market-fit = Does this contractor do 90% new construction condos or historic townhouses. Any advice from @daniellemorrill on this would be super interesting. We're big fans of Mattermark!
@shaanvp @lipmanb @daniellemorrill Yes! Great analogy Shaan. Anyone could build a smart app with our API to review the history of a property (residential or commercial) and intelligently decode whether it's a potential "lemon" like the auto industry.
Hey everyone. Just wanted to introduce myself -- I'm Hayden, and I'm a developer on our data collection team. One of the big obstacles we're trying to help our customers overcome is the incredible difficulty of working with address data at scale. Permits and property records are typically maintained by city or county governments, and every place has their own unique way of doing things. These local governments often have very questionable data management practices -- here's a sample of data we received from one county in Indiana: Our system works to bring each municipality's funky data into one standardized format, allowing our customers to develop to one standard instead of dozens and still be able to access data from across the country.
Love this! Awesome job Brandon!
Thanks @harrystebbings - It's a team effort by all of us @MatthewLenahan, @sjsperry, @oxguy3, and @drewdatarole. By the way, I am loving your @SaaStr podcast with @jasonlk, we will have to catch up soon! : )
Love this solution and this team. Good group of folks who've identified a big problem in home improvement / repair space and developed a great way to fix it. Glad to see the API launch - great job Matt and team!
@todd_henderson Thanks for the support Todd!
@todd_henderson Thanks Todd! We're really excited to be launching and your advice has been awesome!