Easy PayPal transaction and fees posting management

Set your Accounting on Autopilot with just few clicks. PayPal to Accounting will create Sales records, record fees as expenses, post refunds, match Transfers to Deposits and more. We also record such details that PayPal does not provide in their own feed – tax amounts, shipping and insurance collected.

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If you have a large number of monthly transactions in PayPal, or simply want to reduce the number of sales records going into your QuickBooks Online account, you can select Batch Sales and Refunds, which will summarize sales and refund transactions into daily deposits.
Transactions from PayPal are organized and easily recorded into QuickBooks Online. User controls what to post and how to post it, processing complete transactions or fees only. Payments will be entered into QBO after expense account is assigned. User can even select existing matching transaction from QBO to avoid double posting and only fees will be recorded. PayPal to Accounting is the only solution you need for accurately recording PayPal transactions into your QuickBooks Online.
Great idea. Any plan supporting Xero and Stripe? Does it handle foreign currency transactions? Thanks
@changlongliu Yes, DataQlick is integrated with Xero. We are working on adding it to PayPal to Accounting app. There is a plan to bring Stripe as well by mid of Q3. Thank you for asking. As for handling multiple currencies - it is also in the design, however, we need more data and beta users.