Editable data visualizations for the web

Kevin, thanks for hunting Datamatic! Hi everyone, Datamatic first started as a side project, about a year ago, Google DNI announced that it’s going to fund Datamatic as part of their #1 funding round. I was super excited, left my job and started working on this full time. Huge thanks to Google for supporting projects like this! So this the result so far, I call it “WordPress for data visualizations”, there are now 70 interactive data visualization templates that you can easily customize and embed on your website or web app. The plan is to make hundreds, for all sorts of industries such as web analytics, startup metrics, finance and so on. All visualizations can be embedded using JS API and connected to custom data sources, I’m happy to build custom templates such as this one if anyone is interested! Anyway, looking forward to hear your feedback hunters!
@jarben Loving Datamatic! Is it possible to link a chart to a Google Sheet for dynamic updates? This would be a game-changer for me.
@william_nutt Thanks for your nice words William! Yeah, all visualizations come with JS API (API tab in the Publish dialog), here is an example on JSFiddle: It is also possible to make a custom chart which connects to Google Sheet directly, but there is no UI for this in the editor atm. Feel free to share (File->Share) this chart with me ( and I can connect it.. Hope that helps!
Datamatic is like WordPress for interactive data visualizations. It allows you to pick a data visualization template, edit it in a simple online editor and publish on any website. All templates are hand crafted and optimized to be styled and customized.
Very cool and interactive. Will we be able to embed on Medium as well?
@adithya Good point Adithya, it's definitely on the list! (requires submission)
@jarben Yeah. Any idea by when we can expect? Is there a work-around for now?
@adithya I'm not aware of any workarounds to be honest, will take a look on the submission process tomorrow and see :)
Wow, these look gorgeous. I couldn't tell from a quick look at the site -- is the data always static or could I push data in via API? Our startup ( is doing cloud-based data pipes and we've been pushing data into things like google maps embedded on a web page and wondering if I could something similar here?
@wanderslth Thanks Ken! Yeah, published visualizations can be accessed using JS API, here is an example: This code is generated to each visualization (Publish dialog), you can set data and properties (exactly same as in the editor). We've some clients that embed these into Klipfolio or other dashboards. Happy to hear more about your startup, feel free to get in touch to
@jarben @datamatic cool; thanks -- I'll pass this along to one of our devs that has been playing with outputs like this. Also -- I have a spot spot for data journalism and data for social good, so great to see you guys helping out in that effort via the DNI. Cheers.
@wanderslth @datamatic Thanks Ken, looking forward to hear from you!
Any chance to get maps of asia?
@casielane Hi Casie, thanks for asking, if you use any of the Europe maps, you can change Properties > Map > map-center-lat and map-center-long to center your map into different region in the world (+ map-zoom to adjust zoom if needed). This would still show countries in Asia only, if you need a map of regions inside individual countries, please let me know on and I'll make one. There will be all sorts of map templates in the future but now it's kind of request only:) Thanks for feedback!