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  • Lorenzo BelliniCEO, emberware

    the service is not anymore available


    the service is not anymore available

    the service is not anymore available

    Lorenzo Bellini has never used this product.


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Taylor Zorman@taylorzorman · Marketer
Looks cool, confused on the name. What about this has anything to do with data?
KetMaker@ketvit · CEO Datamaid
@taylorzorman Thanx Taylor. The name has to do with meta data that we had plans to use in the design. But maybe in the future. What do you think, shall we change the name?
Taylor Zorman@taylorzorman · Marketer
@ketvit Naming is a very difficult process and there are a lot of variables to be considered. I think currently your name is misleading, I assumed you were helping me solve a data-centered problem / cleaned up my existing data. In the end, I think the name hurts you on first impression. Now, if you have a large strong community of users I would interview a few and see their sentiments towards a name change. You could be missing out on new users because at first glance they think you are something you're not. All this being said, never do something just because a stranger on the internet suggested it. :)
Vuk NikolićHunter@vuknikolic · CEO, TruckTrack
Too busy to write a blog? Have tons of photos in your phone... or interesting notes and stories you never gotten around sharing with friends, family or fans? Why not try live storytelling? Datamaid lets you tell stories instantly, from the experience. Capture in photos, notes, audio and video and DataMaid will instantly create a designed, responsive story from your content. It saves you at least 2h of your precious time. It is like creating full stories (not just bits of info) at the speed of Twitter! You can share it on social media or embed it on your blog. Friends and followers can follow your live updates or checkout the story immediately after you have experienced it. See stories made with DataMaid here
David Smooke@davidsmooke · founder/ceo @hackernoon
@vuknikolic how do I change location? app is recognizing where I am but not where I took the picture.
Vuk NikolićHunter@vuknikolic · CEO, TruckTrack
@davidsmooke hey David, I'm not the author, just shared the app. Question for @Ketvit :)
KetMaker@ketvit · CEO Datamaid
@davidsmooke hey David, thanx for your question. In this version it is just one location. Change will be possible in the future versions.
Milos Pesic@povverslave · CTO @Stellup
Great stuff! Is the Android version planned?
KetMaker@ketvit · CEO Datamaid
@povverslave Thanx Milos :) Yes, Android version is one of the next steps.
Keji Adedeji@kzaaaam · Product Manager, Talis
@ketvit @povverslave This looks great....but I need it on Android pleeeease :)
Nenad Kosović@nenaddmc · Founder @AdrenalynMapp
This is awesome! Can't wait to try it on my next camping trip! Is this the final version, or you are planing more features in the future? P.S. I love these avatars. :)
KetMaker@ketvit · CEO Datamaid
@nenaddmc looking forward to your camping story. We are planning a few interesting things in the near future. Also, feel free to share your ideas about what would you like to have in the app. Avatars are our lovez, too :)
David Carpe@passingnotes · Thinker & Layabout
this would be a killer resource for reviews of all kinds!
KetMaker@ketvit · CEO Datamaid
@passingnotes great idea. Thanx!