All-in-one AI data workspace

#5 Product of the DayAugust 18, 2019
Datagran is where data collaboration happens . We are an All-in-One AI data workspace. Integrate, visualize, predict, optimize and collaborate all in one place.
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Hey! In my first endeavor we wanted to integrate our data ecosystem, for that we worked with Segment, Heap, Amplitude, Clearbrain, Adespresso, among others. It turned out it took us about 3 months to set up everything and it never worked the way we wanted and it was very hard to have a unified view of our data. With datagran you can set up your ecosystem in minutes and collaborate like never before. Would love to hear your feedback.
@carlos_mendez1 is there a referral code?
@curtis_smith1 hey Curtis, thanks for your interest. We have a free forever plan. Let us know what you think
Love what you’re building. If the stats are to be believed, analysts spend more than 50% of their time cleaning and managing data. This could be a real deal. Wish you guys all luck. Btw - I would consider making the video a case study walk through of how one team used this to solve their problem and keep it under 45 seconds.
@tejas_rd1 thanks so much for the feedback. Will do! Best
Great product, bought 2. Finally one place to get everything done if you are a shopify eCommerce owner, their Behavioral analytics and audience finder is incredible
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