Datadeck Sheets

Spreadsheets visualized In two clicks

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Hello, Datadeck. I've been waiting for u...
@sandrojazzar We have been waiting too... to long! We are here for you now ;)
@guygeeraedts I see that Fb is coming soon! For me, Sheets is enough. I plug my sheets into @Supermetrics and BOOM! FULL semi-live reporting platform
Hi @sandrojazzar we love your feedback!
@guygeeraedts would love to see how this can integrate with 👍 our CPAs submit Excel files to clients who would love to instantly visual financial spreadsheets.
Hi @nodarj i would love to have a chat with you and look at your app to see how we can work together in the best way. Please get in touch with me:
Automate boring Excel files into pretty Dashboards
@_jacksmith Thanks for your support and publishing us on ProductHunt. Everyone who signs up will get a life time free version!
@_jacksmith Great find - can't wait to try it out!
@boardview_io @_jacksmith Just sign up and try it! We give all ProductHunt sign ups a life time free account!
@guygeeraedts @_jacksmith That's incredibly kind as I just signed up now but may I ask if you could please add Capsule CRM as an input, Guy? Great job!
Hi @sunny_singh thanks for the request. I added it to the wishlist! If you have any other wishes just let me know!
Nice. Can't wait to try this!
@sebfung You are welcome to try it out and we would love your feedback!
I never thought I would say this about the data sheets - but this is very cool. and yes I do hate the graphs on sheets and excel so this would be helping massively.
@guygeeraedts hahaha. Very good. If I could triple upvote I would.
This sounds very promising. As much as people say to hate spreadsheets, they are really powerful. Unfortunately it kind of lack an easy way to represent dynamic charts of the data we have. It seems to me what this Datadeck tries to solve. As a suggestion, I think the landing page would benefit from a demo video so that we can see that in action.
@danflopes We totally agree with you! And let's make that DEMO TONIGHT, that's our promise ;)
@danflopes As promised I got @allenzhao5 to do a nice DEMO to show you guys how Datadeck - Sheets works.