Make your data earn for you. Control what to sell & to whom

#4 Product of the DayAugust 23, 2019
At datacy, we are making data work for everyone. We're helping people earn money from their data, almost effortlessly.And allowing businesses to source richer and more accurate data without engaging in dodgy practices or breaching consumer privacy.
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As a person who has every ad blocker enabled I would be open to whitelist a specific ad channel I know serves high quality (minimal distraction) ads to support the publishers. If you then combine with this concept where I would sell time based access to my buyer profile (gender/age/preferences not known to google/facebook) so vendors I select can offer me ads to improve their retargeting efforts. The difference would be that Datacy grants the time based access for the whitelisted ad channel so no raw data will be sent to the buyers of the data.
@juhslk That's a brilliant idea and something we would definitely think about expanding to in the future. Consumer data is used beyond advertising, such as research and R&D, and datacy can cater to the needs of all buyers, not just advertisers. Raw consumer data is never shared, nor is any personally identifiable or sensitive information of the users. Buyers choose specific data they are interested in (age of women who buy wool jumpers, for example) and the platform pools together aggregated and anonymised data based on the buy orders placed.
Great job, web page looks fantastic!:) May I ask what data datacy collect? Like do you use authorization via companies (Google, Facebook) and get API available data or you sort of scrap it?
@yevgeniy_pozdeyev Thanks for your support! Initially we will be allowing users to collect data in two ways: 1. Through a browser extension which is designed to capture your data as you browse the web. The extension gives you complete control of what data is collected - you can pause data collection at any time or mark a site as "private" to make sure we do not collect data from that site going forward. 2. Through third-party APIs which you can connect easily to the datacy network. This allows datacy to track the data being sent and received from API endpoints and obtain clearly defined data directly from each application you use. The collected data is then parsed, categorised, anonymised to protect your privacy, pooled with similar data and listed for sale. The platform has been designed to give you complete visibility over what data is collected and what data is sold. You can download your data, remove any data from sale or permanently delete any data that has been collected!
Great way to aggregate data and empower users! Is data sold on a one-time basis, or are users payed frequently based on how many third-parties bid for access?
@lachlankirkwood Thank you for your support! datacy helps people sell their data on their own terms and earn an income from every sale made. That income is expected to grow over time as users’ datasets become larger and therefore more valuable. Multiple companies may be interested in the same data - making it possible for users to sell the same data many times over. You always own your data and revenue from each sale is given directly to you, in cash.
I look at Datacy and I think to myself: "This just makes sense". The mission & the user incentives make sense, The way you guys did the technology makes sense. Feels to me like you are inevitable, and you're probably just scratching the surface. Great job @getdatacy and keep it up, full steam ahead!
@getdatacy @phil_labrie I'm glad to hear that you think it makes sense. That was one of our goals and something that we always kept in mind. We knew it wasn't just the mission, but the technology that we build, and how it benefits the user. We hope to change the way that people's data is handled and lower the negative impact that mishandling a society's data can have. Giving people the control seemed to be the best way to us so we then wanted to build the tools to do so. Thanks for the support and we look forward to hearing more from you as we grow and progress!
Great product and great team.