Your personal data marketplace. Aggregate, package and sell!

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Thanks for upvoting our product. There are 3 of us, and we just launched. Very exciting to see people using it. We are definitely pushing the envelope on data and privacy. Our view is that the creator of data should be the chief beneficiary of its value. This version of the product is just our first baby step toward that end goal. Would be great to hear everyone's feedback.
@matthewphogan What's the current payout range look like? It's hard for me to weigh the value of giving you my data before knowing what the potential return. Are we talking $1/mo? $10? $100?
@matthewphogan I have a service, my user collect data about themselves, can they sell it on your service?
Almost all social media is free to use because you pay with privacy as a currency. By offering your data for a fee, the value traditionally captured by companies gets transferred directly to your bank account. This is empowering.
This is a bit crazy.
I always thought this was really, really good satire, but now I'm not sure.
I've signed up to Datacoup back when they were in beta. I only connected accounts where my data was public anyway such as Twitter. Figured the small amount of money I get from this can go towards renewing a domain I own. Perhaps @matthewphogan will chime in with more details on his plans for Datacoup.