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Hey everyone! Dataconomy is a Berlin based media startup, launched last year in February. We have a focus on high-tech, particularly data science, ‘Internet of Things’ (connected devices: wearables, smart cars etc.), and FinTech (financial technology). Data driven tech has made huge leaps in the last few years, and decision makers often don’t quite understand the potential of the technology. Similarly, the technologists would often benefit from a better understanding of the business applications. That's one of the problems we aim to solve with our content. Being based in Berlin, we also hope to provide international exposure to innovative tech companies and startup hubs on this side of the atlantic. There’s fascinating work being done that often gets passed over by the mainstream tech media because it lacks the hype factor. Finally, we have a lot of content aimed at giving career guidance and advice to technical professionals. In a quickly developing field there is no clear roadmap for skills or career development, and job specifications are constantly changing. We help tech professionals understand the key requirements and build from there. We also run events all over Europe (16 in 3 months is our record), where the content largely mirrors what you see on the website: Technical/business understanding, cool startups, and career guidance. Happy to answer any questions about what we do. I'd also particularly like to hear if there's any companies you would like us to cover, or any new content types we might feature! (Thanks to @bentossell for help with the submission!)
@dan_e_gray Nicely curated content on your site! Do you see much overlap (yet) between IoT & FinTech & data science in the content you're able to curate?
@kkdub Great question Kelly! Data Science and IoT have some pretty clear overlaps. It's not *always* about collecting data (Philips Hue+ lightbulbs definitely aren't, for example), but usually there's a component of that to it. When you start looking at bigger applications, smart cities or industrial uses, then the data becomes the key component of IoT. There's a lot of FinTech companies doing cool things with data already (machine learning for security, savings, automated credit scoring...), and wearables are definitely on the rise. I don't think Apple Pay has got quite the traction expected, but it's the first real crack at it. There's also more and more festivals and events using wearable NFC payment systems. It wont be long until someone nails it for general consumer use. There's also some interesting wearable tech for security purposes - one bank came out with a heart rate monitor!