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Collection of 200+ database diagram templates for developers

Browse & discover schema diagrams of popular packages. Get inspired when architecting your app.
200+ DB diagrams
✅ Covers open-sourced packages for Laravel, Django & Rails
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👋 Hey, I'm Dennis from DrawSQL. It's been over a year since our ProductHunt launch. 🤔 To dog-food DrawSQL, we've been mapping out the database schemas of open-source packages and apps... lots of them in fact!😵 💡 Then it clicked, these collected diagrams could be useful as references for other developers as well. Hence the idea to curate this gallery - A central place to browse & discover DB schemas. 🙏 Hope this is valuable and helps provide some inspiration on structuring your DB for that new feature. 💭 Let me know what you think, or if you have a schema to suggest that should be added. Thanks!
Incredibly useful. I've already saved the schema for WordPress. Any chance of doing BuddyPress next? ;) Thank you!
@benmcc Hey good idea! It's been a while since I last used WordPress and couldn't think of relevant schema diagrams to add for it. Thanks for the suggestion, I might actually add it right now 😉
@benmcc Bit belated, but have the database diagram for BuddyPress mapped out!
Wow. Perfect. I was looking for just this a couple of months ago!
@victorbjorklund Glad that's the case!
Have used this – great idea, lovely UI and super easy to use.
@kylegawley Thanks! The schema for your Node.js boilerplate project is also featured in the gallery 🙌
Well done Dennis this is awesome mate! Good work 😊💪
@dansiepen cheers, thanks for the nice words!