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Joe Boutrosย โ€” Dir of Product Engineering at
Hey Hunters! Joe from here.

As a special treat for you, we've compiled the most comprehensive PH dataset ever released.( 2 years of posts, votes, taglines, and more! Dig in - we can't wait to see what insights you find!

And a bit about the platform...

We're all about helping data people solve problems faster, so we've built a collaboration platform to address a glaring, urgent need...

With hundreds of killer visualization and analysis tools out there, why are we stuck in the stone age when it comes to the most frustrating and time-consuming parts of any data project: finding, understanding, preparing, and sharing data? tackles this issue by helping you discover, explore, contribute, and share/publish---better, faster, easier, and all in one place.

Browse thousands of open datasets contributed by organizations and data people from all over the world.

See the data's "story" alongside the data itself. Preview the data before you dive in. Query within and across datasets, and create exploratory visualizations with just a few clicks.

Join the discussion with an international community of data people. Post hunches, share analysis techniques and insights, and find new collaborators.

Share / Publish:
Upload from your computer or pull down from the cloud. Automatically enhance your data, make it instantly queryable and joinable to other datasets. Showcase your work and build out your data work portfolio.

Please don't hesitate to share any questions or feedback right here. We'll be online ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Thanks, Hunters, and welcome to the social network for data people!

-Joe Boutros
Ian Greenleighย โ€” Head of Brand,
FB LIVE in 30! @contextjunkie will take us on a wild ride through our top 5 features, and answer your questions. I'm trying to get him to wear a black turtleneck but no promises. See you soon!
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