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Ian Greenleigh
@be3d · Head of Brand,
Golden Kitty Awards dataset!


Joe Boutros
@contextjunkie · Dir of Product Engineering at
Hey Hunters! Joe from here As a special treat for you, we've compiled the most comprehensive PH dataset ever released.( 2 years of posts, votes, taglines, and more! Dig in - we can't wait to see what insights you find And a bit about the platform... We're all about helping data people solve problems... Show More
Ian Greenleigh
@be3d · Head of Brand,
FB LIVE in 30! @contextjunkie will take us on a wild ride through our top 5 features, and answer your questions. I'm trying to get him to wear a black turtleneck but no promises. See you soon!
Andrew Ward
@andrewaward · Product
Awesome product, this is like a github for data! Curious how you've thought about the opportunity to accelerate learning for the next generation of people just starting to get into the data world.
Jonathan Ortiz
@tweetsbyortiz · Data Scientist,
The post-truth world in which we seem to have found ourselves is pretty scary. So I'm happy we're doing what we're doing to enable evidence-based solutions to the world's problems.
Mike Coutermarsh
@mscccc · Code @ Product Hunt
Hey @contextjunkie! I'm not familiar with SPARQL - How's it different from sql? Do people need to know it to use dataworld? Also - saw dwsql, which syntax already looks very familiar/identical to sql. What are the differences? What's each used for?
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