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Replicate data-driven projects to help your city

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Data Look showcases the latest and best data-driven projects for social good. The site is for people who are excited about solving social problems with data and code.
Thanks @neerajt4 for hunting DataLook! We address people who work with data in their day jobs. You wish you could hit the ground running using your skills to improve the world? You’re in luck - our #openimpact marathon is moving full speed now through August 31 and we’re looking for volunteers all over the world to pound the pavement toward impact. From preventing food poisoning with predictive analytics to helping pets getting adopted faster by scraping and republishing open data, we’re looking for data lovers like you to iterate and replicate 10 high-potential projects. These 10 projects make up #openimpact, a mad dash of virtual volunteers collaborating around the world to repurpose and iterate on these solutions to solve a new challenge or benefit a new community. If you too hate recreating the wheel and would rather help it build momentum, we’d love to have you participate. Find out more and join us on
@tobipfaff All the best! :)
It's great to be one of the #data4good projects on Product Hunt. Others are @DataKind and @BayesImpact (somebody should hunt @drivendataorg and @datascifellows).
@tobipfaff What are your plans with Data Look short and long-term?
@rutgerteunissen @omrishabi We started DataLook as a PH clone for data-driven projects for social good (VentureBeat covered us after our launch in July 2014: We have collected 250+ projects within a year but it turned out that the community is not large enough to make this a sustainable site (i.e., not enough users posting, commenting, and upvoting). Check out our web analytics numbers: I also talked about this in an interview with a civic hacking blog: Still we got some encouraging praise from our users ( and short-term seed funding from the European Union. So we continued working on DataLook. And without the intrinsic motivation from our team all this wouldn't have been possible. So kudos to @csushant @datracka @jeremyshimko! Short term plans: Run the #openimpact replication marathon over the summer and see what happens (the first two replications are already done). Try to win a TEDx talk in Germany at the end of September. With these results approach funders (larger IT/tech companies in Germany and beyond or anyone who wants to support our work on facilitating the replication of data-driven projects for social good). Long term plans: Too early to say. We are doing our first major pivot right now and it's yet to be seen if the community is ready for doing replications on a larger scale.
@tobipfaff Awesome man! Good luck! Sounds really good.
Interesting initiative.
Very cool! I hope it will support more languages soon.
@amitsonawane Do you mean that the website should offer several languages?