Data Generation by Snips

Generate training data for your conversational assistants

Create and share your own intents simply by giving a few examples. Snips will automatically infer what you want, and generate hundreds or even thousands of additional examples to train your assistant!

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This is awesome, do you guys sell the hardware I need to deploy my assistant?
@lilly_cally Hey Lilly! Not at the moment, you'll need to pick up a Raspberry Pi 3 and a microphone array. Check out our article on benchmarking the different microphone options here:
Cool! That look really helpful for my chatbot!
This looks great, will it be possible to use your Data Generation service and export it to feed another NLP service ?
@hugo_hache yes absolutely! There is a menu next to the list of training examples to export it :)
Any update on when you might release your iOS SDK?
Hi @mposborne, We are working on it, it will be released in the coming months. In the meantime, don't hesitate to contact us ( so we start collaborating on your use case!