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#3 Product of the WeekJuly 15, 2016
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Back your best ideas with Google data. The Data Gallery allows you to quickly and easily get Think with Google’s latest insights. It’s the data I love from Think with Google—just bite-sized. I personally enjoy reviewing the industry data points for overlooked opportunities to capitalize on.
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I wish they had data segments by region like say mobile user moments in India alone.
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Tons of interesting stuff here. Atlas by Quartz is similar but visually communicated.
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@rrhoover First time hearing about Atlas. Looks like I'm gonna be here a while, so much interesting data!
@rrhoover There's also the recently launched Quartz Index.
@vilavbhatt ahh, I missed that!
I've wanted this for forever. This is my new favorite site :)
Dang, did PH just crashed a Google website? :D