Data for Good

Share data-driven projects for social good.

Some of the projects on @opendataforgood seem like they could align nicely with projects on DataKind (
Thanks for posting @NeerajT4! Also check out this article on VentureBeat on Data for Good: @thomasmeagher Indeed, I hope that @datakind likes our site. I hope they will post their projects on Data for Good. But you can also post your favorite DataKind projects there if you want. It's all about sharing these great projects in one place.
@tobiaft Sure! Keep up the good work. :)
@tobiaft I'm super excited for this. What's the vision for growing Data for Good from a weekend project to an active community that tackles the tough problems?
@thomasmeagher Exactly, you got our vision! Let's see what happens in the next couple of weeks. If the community likes the site and people post their favorite projects there it might be easier for us to find investors/donors. The vision is to go from a bulletin board to a more sophisticated directory with better tagging, search and filter options. And then to something like a collaboration tool where civic hackers from all over the world can meet and collaborate on social challenges. How cool would that be! P.S.: We love what we do.
@tobiaft Awesome! It's hard to find a situation where data cannot help solve a problem or at least make it better. (Keep loving what you do!)