Data Everywhere

cloud database that unlocks your spreadsheet data

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While working with customers at our last company, we saw entire departments and sometimes entire companies being run on Excel. People absolutely love Excel, but it becomes a nightmare when they have to start sharing data with it. Data Everywhere solves the spreadsheet data sharing problem differently than online spreadsheets, allowing users to continue using Excel, while giving them the benefits of a modern application by storing and sharing their data in our cloud database. Several customers have asked us for help further automating their data sharing, so we've built an API and connectors into several large online applications, like Salesforce and QuickBase. We see this as the beginning of our transition into a data distribution network, allowing business users quick access to all of the data they need everywhere they need it. We'd love feedback on how we can help potential customers more quickly understand our product, and how we can help them apply it to their business to save time and improve accuracy.