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I love to show you guys this kick ass Google Analytics Dashboard that will be available for everyone!
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@allenzhao5 Would it work with Kissmetrics?
@sstass thanks for the question. Yes it would and it's in the queue coz we have lots of other sources to be integrated. At this moment, you can use Google Analytics if you had all your events set up there.
Great .. Signup and then it hits you with a SHARE IT FOR EARLY ACCESS .. Fuck that 😤
@saijo_george You will get access to the first version very shortly!
I'm sharing Datadeck with you all today, as we're doing our public launch soon. It's a tool that compiles all your data sources into beautiful real-time dashboards (check out the screenshots I attached to see what I mean!) You can use any data source like Google Analytics, Salesforce, internal ODBC databases, Excel, and anything you connect to via API. I like it because keeping tons of tabs open to see all my data makes me feel dizzy. And most BI tools I've used are expensive or super hard to set up. Obviously I am a little biased, but after using this tool for the past few months I've found it saves me a lot of time and trouble. Give it a shot! And I'd love to hear your feedback below :)
@guygeeraedts would love early access - I just signed up.
@zbijelic Thanks for your sign up! I'll get in touch with you and hook you up.
@guygeeraedts awesome looking forward to it.
Pricing? I can hook up mixpanel and my db? is this exactly like Geckoboard? Thanks
@james_osullivan Thanks for your questions! - Pricing: in the current fase we are not charging anything - Mixpanel connection is in progress - Datadeck is an open platform and will be fully customizable (not many products can do that) - Datadeck has many database connections... can you tell me which db you would like to connect? We are finishing our fully open structure, meaning you will have full control and can add any connection you want.
@guygeeraedts Any updates on how long is the beta phase, and what might pricing be after that? Thanks!