Data Color Picker

Create visually-equidistant palettes for data visualizations

Data Color Picker is a UI tool for easy to read data visualizations

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Thanks for hunting @erikdkennedy just checked out your site and it looks really interesting. For the non designers among us could you please tell us a bit more about "creating visually equidistant" palettes -- why it's so important and how your tool helps with that?
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@abadesi Sure! In short, it means the colors are easy to distinguish from one another. This is useful if you have a data visualization with a key, and you need to glance back and forth between them. It's also useful for those whose vision is impaired. It's worth noting that most color systems are set up to be easy for the computer, not actually make sense for the human. So "adding 10 blue" (for example) can, visually, be a huge change or a small change, depending on what color you start with. The Data Color Picker is the reverse – it's more work calculating exactly what colors go in the visualizations, but the end result is something more usable by humans. Hope that helps! Good question, Abadesi :)
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💯 Sooooo many people / products need to incorporate this for their charts - google slides and keynote I’m looking at you ✌️
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Is there a way to add Accessibility settings to see if colors are accessible. Especially in divergent.
@jamierytlewski Good question! It's on the feature list. How would you like to see the accessibility presented? A contrast ratio? A simple "Colorblind safe?" yes/no rating? Something else?