Data Access Assistant

Request your data from online services in just a few clicks.

Data Access Assistant is a simple tool that allows you to get all your data from online services with just a few clicks. The Assistant automizes request routines and keeps track of the active requests. Use it to claim your Data Rights!
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Hey everyone! I'm a co-founder of UDAPTOR along with @fmstefanini Today we want to share a Data Access Assistant - a simple Chrome Extension that help you to get all your data from online services. It automates tricky and boring routines (e.g. looking for link/contact, writing an email or building a request), it shows you hints and keeps track of your active requests. Exercising your Data Rights has never been easier:) After you get your data you can: βœ… SAVE - to build your own Data Vault, or just to keep the data before deleting an account βœ… EXPLORE - to actually see, what data companies actually collect on you βœ… SWITCH - from one service provider to another one in a seamless way, with all your data (e.g. from Apple Music to Spotify) ❗️ Currently, the Data Access Assistant works only if you use Google Chrome and Gmail. You can request your data from the following services: Google, Splitwise, Freeletics, Headspace, and Revolut. If you want to use it under something else, let us know!:) πŸš€ This is just the first step: we are building an end-to-end Data Portability platform that will allow people to port their data from one service to another with no effort, e.g. if you want to switch Apple Music to Spotify and to keep your playlists and recommendations. Find out more info on We would really love to hear your feedback, we want to know how can we improve Cheers!
cool, works fine with Splitwise
@sergey_kan1 Thank you! yes, the idea is that now since you requested your data from Splitwise (and you'll get it soon hopefully), you should be able to port this data to other services - like for example SettleUp or any other budgeting app. And that's what we are aiming for in the future:)
Thanks for making data requesting so easy. I'm a lazy person and your Assistant was made for me. He did all the job, I just had to click couple of times. Now waiting for my data from Google. Keep it up guys!
@new_user_205caaf456 We are glad you liked it! Remember to read what the Assistant writes to you, so you can understand all the steps! We encourage mindful usage of the extension, it's about your personal data!:)
Wow! This is super cool.
Data portability sounds amazing!!
@ricardo_rojas2 Keep a close watch, in the near future we plan on adding the first functionalities for transferring the data you can download now! We are also very excited to make data portability become a reality.