The fun way to form better habits

Dashpop takes gamification elements to make it easier to form better habits. When you finish a task in Dashpop, you pop tiny balloons and can unlock rewards by sticking to your goals. Insightful facts and statistics are sprinkled in to make each step towards better habits more delightful and to lift motivation for following through. It also comes with an iMessage App where friends can collaborate on shopping lists, packing lists and other checklists
I'm doing pretty well as a Habitica mage, but this appeals to my innate love of kawaii. Will have to use both.
Awesome! For the drink water one, it would be helpful for multiple notifications a day.. maybe spread evenly 8 times between waking up and going to sleep.
this is great, well designed and fun to play with. I wish it syncs with my calendar so I can pop all the balloons for my daily schedule.
Looks like fun. Unfortunately crashes immediately after launch on my iPhone 6.