Supercharge your new tab with smart widgets

DashOne is a Google Chrome extension to supercharge your new tab with smart widgets!
News, Weather, Email, Calendar, Todos, Timezones, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Github, Jira, and more!
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Hi PH! πŸ‘‹ Super excited to launch DashOne, a Google Chrome extension to supercharge your new tab with smart widgets! Features β˜… Live weather! β˜… Stay up to date on what’s happening around you and elsewhere with news widgets from Google News, CNN, Reuters, NDTV, Times of India, HackerNews, TechCrunch, etc. β˜… Speed Dial - Create a smart visual bookmark of your most visited sites β˜… Search in DuckDuckGo, Bing, Google, Baidu, Yandex, and Yahoo directly in your new tab! β˜… Take notes β˜… Inspirational Quotes β˜… View your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn feed without leaving your newtab β˜… Recharge yourself with a quick game break β˜… Stay on top your daily tasks with widgets from Gmail, Google Calendar, Outlook email & calendar, Todoist, etc. β˜… Everything you need, loaded in under a second β˜… No initial signup required - install to awesomeness in 20 seconds πŸš€ ProductHunt exclusive - use coupon code `PHN7YMI` for a free month of PRO. Here are a few helpful links - The idea behind DashOne - https://dashone.app/intro - Request a new feature or integration at https://dashone.nolt.io Appreciate your feedback!
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In general, I love it and look at it daily


* Non-invasive * Non-distracting * Adding features quickly * Listens to features requests


* Life clock (optional) is slightly stressful

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Would love if this was open-source. I would like to create my own widgets. Please write more on the design and architecture and privacy of this.


Clean UI, highly customizable


I can't create my own widgets.

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So Close to #5, Congruts bro, Keep it up! Dashone is wonderful!
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Hi @sharathprabhal. Where can I find an overview of what your "Premium widgets" are?
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@ghundermark Great question! Since the widgets are ever-growing, I don't have a defined list. Premium widgets are marked as `PRO` in the widget selector screen. You can preview what they will look like before you upgrade to PRO plan. Use coupon code `PHN7YMI` for a free month of PRO.