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#5 Product of the DayMay 03, 2016
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Hey Hunters, I am Dennis co-founder and ceo of Dashmote! We are excited to be for the first time on product hunt! We built Dashmote to make sourcing the visual content as easy as possible. Dashmote brings together free & paid high-quality images from the largest visual content providers and delivers them to you in one easy-to-use platform. Our goal is to give users more control over search results and provide content that reflects your personalized interests & needs by embedding. Because we bring together a range of diverse image providers, you can find different styles of images in one place. We are happy to give all product hunters 30% discount using the code: PRODUCTHUNT I am here together with my co-founders to answer all of your questions!
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Our best decision yet.. fb live streaming how the dashteam deals (or not deals) well with being posted on Product Hunt https://www.facebook.com/dashmot...
Our Product Hunt Experience so far, thanks for the feedback so far! https://medium.com/@dashmote/we-...
Great to see a fellow Startupbootcamp Amsterdam startup here on ProductHunt!!
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@sapvdf Thanks for the support!
@mschreder @sapvdf Thanks Stefan, look forward to seeing Nuklius on here as well in the near future!
Awesome work guys, love the UX :)
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@pedward_lieb thanks feedback is appreciated ;)
this is so freaking useful. bookmarked and using for a campaign right now. design could be a little sexier for mass appeal but that's a small squabble. respect Dennis, volgende keer je loopt door de De Pijp ik moet je eens een pilsje kopen. behead those who insult dashmote!
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@thekyleduck Our old office used to be in #dePijp! I'll buy you the beer instead @degroenevlinder or @cafedepijp ;). Nice to see a fellow Mokumer/Amsterdammer on here & thanks for the nice words!
We have built a special offer page for you guys, click here http://dashmote.com/producthunt
@mschreder just changed the link to the PH one :)
@bentossell thx, yeah both work ;)