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Mubashar Iqbal
@mubashariqbal · 2016 Maker of the Year.
Thanks for the hunt @erictwillis We’ve been working on DashMetrics for a few months. It started as an ida we discussed over a few drinks, that turned into a evening/weekends side project that we’re now launching as a company. We noticed a need in large businesses, agencies and startups, to share metrics, without the need to use a realtime dashboard. Top l… See more
Deandre Durr☀️
@dredurr · Growth Hacker
Very Dope🚬🚬 Design is so sexy, I am going to call it "Roxanne"💃
Darren Moore
@darrenmoore488 · Co-Founder of QuickQuu and TweetPilot
So @mubashariqbal is at it again 🤤 Nice work with this one and incredible, clean UI
Justin Adler
@justin_adler1 · Head Of Operations, Ferst Digital
Super cool! I wish it had Mailchimp and Google Analytics integrations though.
@geek_1001 · iOS/macOS Engineer. Founder of Flawless
Thanks! Great and useful product if you want to keep track on key KPIs and showcase them in a nice way. Although Mixpanel integration would be super cool to have. Do you have any plans to connect with Mixpanel or other analytics?