Private, ad-free Mint.com alternative

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Kyle Richey
@imakestrides · CEO, ConquerApathy.com
Hey Product Hunt! My co-founder Ben and I spent 14 months building this to scratch our own itch. We wanted to solve three problems with the money management apps we've used over the years: 1. Privacy: We decided to only store data in the user's private iCloud account, even if they decide to do automatic bank sync or Apple's new CKShare iCloud sharing featu… See more
Johnny Hill
HOLY. GRAIL. I seriously spent hours last weekend scouring the internet for ANY viable replacement for Mint (for exactly the reasons you pointed — privacy/security, and really sub-par UX). Definitely giving this a spin. Couple questions: 1) Since everything is synced through iCloud, how can my partner and I share an account? Will we be able to use the same… See more
Pablo Fernandez
Wow, this looks seriously fantastic. How would you say it compares to YNAB? Thanks for making this. At first glance I see a lot of attention to detail on making it. 👏
Bailey Jennings
@bailey_jennings · Co-Founder, earlybird
It's unfortunate that this was hunted on a Saturday! This app is gold.
Jerry Shan
@shantianyun · iOS Developer
Is website link broken?