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I just set it up, really cool, although the initial data feed load is pretty slow. There are other startups in the space, so I would love to see some more third party integration and more customization :).
@desisaran "initial data feed load" do you mean just the first time that you set it up, or every time you load the page?
@_jacksmith Yes I mean the first time, but that's okay, it's expected with third party integrations :).
oh that's a good one. I will give it try now!
@bogomep Thanks Bogomil let me know if you have any issues, questions or feedback!
@desisaran Thanks for kicking the tires! I'm a co-founder of Dasheroo, and appreciate your feedback. We're working on the instant gratification/faster app loading as we speak!
@vindivine awesome, very cool guys! I'm excited to test it out and see if I can use this as an "everyday" tool.
@desisaran Our goal is that you replace lots, if not all, of the various app tabs you have open with one: Dasheroo. Whether you use us to check in once or twice a day or more in depth. thanks tons for your interest!
HI everyone thanks for checking us out! Our goal is to help folks easily make data-driven biz decisions. We believe there is a big opportunity to help people in this space, with: 1) Customization: not just bringing in the base data many APIs do, but looking at it from a user's POV; combining data elements to give you a holistic view, immediately. Plus, cross-app mash ups that could replace most native app reporting, if we do it right. 2) Interactivity: Allowing you to interact with the Insights and data as you want. 3) Collaboration: sharing is good! Inviting co-workers or other interested folks to view, add to and discuss to understand and take action in real time. We're still in alpha, but gearing up for much more soon. Appreciate your comments and will respond to each! Cheers :)
Would love some documentation to see what services you tie into, along with whether you offer PUSH/PULL options for custom data sources before signing up. As someone that's tried most everything and found each lacking in some way, would really help encourage conversion.
@asherraph Hi Asher, I hear you, there are several companies in this space. We hope to approach biz dashboards and data analytics in a very flexible and powerful way. We're working on custom data sources but still early on. Any specific suggestions? Plus for sure, we'll work on some documentation to help you and other folks see if Dasheroo is the right solution!