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Jesse BoyesMaker@jexe · Cofounder, Dasher!
Hey guys! I'm one of the founders @ Dasher. We're really excited to announce the launch of our Android app - if you're on another platform (web or iOS), check out http://dasher.im There's a lot you can do with Dasher, but to keep it simple: Dasher is a communication platform that brings the richness of a social newsfeed into the privacy of messaging. We're hanging around on PH (and on Dasher), please hit us up with feedback & questions!
Some Guy@ghobs91 · Head Of Winging It, Denarri
The app looks promising, but it makes the mistake that so many other messaging apps do. It doesn't take advantage of the ability to take over as default SMS app on Android. What I mean by that is that it should use the iMessage approach, check to see if the receiving end has Dasher, if they do, send the message through Dasher with all the extra features. If they don't, fall back and send an old fashioned SMS, and keep both kinds of messages, both Dasher + SMS, within the same thread, again just like iMessage does it. By piggybacking off existing networks like this, I have more of an incentive to make this my primary messaging app even in the early stages when not too many of my friends have it, because I can just use it for SMS like I normally would, rather than having to switch around to different apps. This way, users don't have to wait for their friends to join for it to have any added value.
Jesse BoyesMaker@jexe · Cofounder, Dasher!
@ghobs91 Oh, it's not a mistake. It's just not trivial functionality to build in, especially once you start dealing with the technical quirks of MMS.. :) (for some high level summary of that, check out http://techcrunch.com/2014/04/06... -- ignore the clickbait title :) ). We'll get there. Stay tuned!
Some Guy@ghobs91 · Head Of Winging It, Denarri
@jexe Oh wow, didn't realize it was that complex. Very good insight. Maybe it'll take iOS implementing that ability with an easy to use API to push Google to get its act together in that department and do the same. With the way iMessage is integrated though, I doubt that'll happen any time soon.
Adam@ajm5338 · Maker
Congrats! Huge fan of the simplicity. Oh, and the gifs...I love the gifs. :)
Jesse BoyesMaker@jexe · Cofounder, Dasher!
@ajm5338 Hey, thanks! :)