Location-savvy chat w/more easter eggs than a pregnant bunny

The web version was released today! Looks really good @jexe :)
@lachlanjc thanks so much! We have been using it internally as a team chat for a long time, really excited to share it with the world. Please chat me up on dasher any time with feedback, ideas, questions, etc :)
@jexe Sure thing! I'll send you a message if I need anything, thanks.
Hey all! co-founder here. We just launched last week, please give it a shot and let us know what you think. Thanks and have a great time!
This is fun. My favorite feature so far: Giphy integration. Here's a screenshot of the fun w/ @jexe and @dgould: How'd Dasher start, Jesse?
Thanks @rrhoover! Last year, Dasher started out as a "Twitter for enterprises that lets you embed real-time graphs." Doesn't everything start that way? Eventually it evolved into something we just wanted to use every day... Your social news feed (FB, G+, etc) is insanely rich. Real-time data, interactive content, embedded media - then you leave for something like WhatsApp and it feels like you've stepped back in time ten years. That feels like a huge missing piece that we can solve. BTW, if anyone particularly wants in on the web beta, pls hit me up!
Hey Jesse, long-time beta user here, we love the product and are super excited to now be able to tell all our friends in Japan about it! Please keep this the messenger that people find fun and useful through these (understandably very challenging!) integrations! Next up, some sort of immediate article summary based on a query, curated based on how many of your contacts have searched / read / shared (this last is the key) article? And please do give web beta access! Would love to give it a spin. Japan is dying for a new messenger, as LINE is static and plateauing in terms of users and engagement.