Conversational analytics for your bot

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Hey Product Hunt! After making a few bots of our own, we found that the existing analytics solutions weren't quite right even when you shoehorned them into chatbots. So, we made our own. As we dove more deeply into this product, it was clear to us that the conversational interface is a natural fit for NLP and deep learning. And, we've focused on making integration really easy, with only a few lines of code. If you're working on a bot, please take a look and let me know what you think!
@sinned Terrific idea, good luck!
Great idea Dennis. Somebody needs to own this space and define the metrics that matter for the bots space.
Awesome idea Dennis! Working on support for Echo?
@mattrestivo I love my Echo, so that's definitely one we'll be supporting soon.
This looks great! Reminds me of something my friend is doing you should check out: www.getvirgil.com. Good luck!