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Hi, Product Hunters and thanks @mutlu82 for hunting! In March 2016 I released Dashboard UI Kit - Biggest pack focusing on designs of Dashboard User Interfaces & Web Applications. This product is basically a story of observation and vision that I had in my mind. Somehow I managed to turned them into an insane package of 60 screens, styleguides and diagrams for handling your designs nicely to developers. And I didn’t stopped there. After my release I received very positive reaction from the community and this UI Kit has quickly become one of the most popular kits on stores like UI8 or CreativeMarket. Today is a big day for my as I have just pushed out brand new update. Enough talking - Here is a little bit of an idea whats inside the package! 75 Screens with all various layouts. From them 33 Popup / Dialogs, One Complete 15 screens application design with Marvelapp prototype, 28 dark layouts and as well as one of the biggest elements UI Kit with all states of Inputs, Buttons, Selects, Dropdowns and more and more. All packed with 2 Typeface versions - with Free Google Font Source Sans Pro & secondary Proxima Nova. Everything is based on 1170px Grid system (30px & 1580px canvas width) and works with your Photoshop or Sketch. I'd love to know what do you think about it, so feel free to ping me on @janlosert if you have any questions! Since this is my first time on Product Hunt I've decided to give you a special coupon code for sweet 35% off – PRODUCTHUNT35, it will give you 35% discount on the full Dashboard UI Kit licence package. Check the full preview and all details – http://janlosert.com/store/dashb... And download Gumroad link - http://gum.co/Zbogg/producthunt35
@janlosert @mutlu82 I downloaded this recently through UI8. Very comprehensive. It's an amazing piece of work. One question though... why no symbols or shared styles in sketch? I don't know how you even kept it consistent without those, and it makes it very difficult to change colors and font styles without them.
@tomjohndesign I keep it clean for the users, everybody can setup their own colours and styles and then (without Detouching those symbols I would create) setup their own. But I'm planning one more small update for the Elements UI Kit page with all those Inputs etc. to have everything as a symbol so everybody then can use this sketch file through the symbols bar. Does it make sense? :)
@janlosert Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. I would love to have this broken down into components and then be able to use them as blocks to build out the pages. Facebook's iOS design files have come with a template file that works like that.
@tomjohndesign So you would like to get this with the next update, am I correct? - https://goo.gl/Bf5spC
@janlosert @mutlu82 Absolutely LOVE the UI kit! Please keep making awesome stuff!
nice. is there a demo page so people can test it before making a purchase ? I've checked your link but all I found are screenshots
@catapop84 Hi! There is a option to get a freebie with 3 screens and a few widgets to get an idea of what's inside - https://gumroad.com/products/hoQT/ Or you can check the full size screenshots of 15 screens I've done in this new update I have done this Marvelapp prototype - https://marvelapp.com/project/16... Let me know if that's enough :)
@janlosert @catapop84 Sorry, Jan but it seems as a broken link
@alexdeardream @catapop84 Which one? I've checked all 4 links, all works fine to me. Ping me on me@janlosert.com if you need help. I'll be happy to help you.
@janlosert @alexdeardream @catapop84 I'm also getting a "this project is unavailable" message on marvel. Maybe it's not set to be public
Extremely high quality. Great to see it and a must purchase. I will say tho, that I would be glad to pay much more if it included a full HTML version. Everyone will have to code this back to HTML so I really see no reason not to release an already coded version (ideally on top of a good framework). Any plans for that?
@stefanobernardi @janlosert I agree, this would be something that I would pay extra for too
@stefanobernardi Yeah, that's in my eyes the ideal scenario as well Stefano. Sadly, I'm just a designer and from all of those people who said that they will convert it to HTML I never heard from any of them back. But completely agree, that would be an insane package if this would include coded mockups as well. I'm planning to have a coded version of at least all those elements like Inputs, dropdowns etc. but that's the only goal I have on my mind for next couple of months.
@janlosert you could try to put it on Upwork. I'm sure you'd get a quote from someone good for really cheap. I'm happy to fund it if you want for a rev share :) Other services: - https://www.mypsdtohtml.com/ - https://www.psd2html.com/psd-to-... - http://www.markupbox.com/ - https://thesiteslinger.com/pricing - http://psdwizard.com/pricing - http://www.csschopper.com/order/
@janlosert I remember using an earlier version of this kit a while ago in one of my projects, this looks like a massive update over that :) . Is it a paid upgrade or the old license works? Also, I might be able to help you out with front-end dev if you want to collab.
@arunpattnaik Hi! :) Thanks Arun, no it's a free upgrade for all previous buyers. Where did you get your licence?
Hi @janlosert, I've been following Tapdaq for a few years now and am loving the work that you guys are doing (fantastic UI design). < This is an amazing product you have released. Safe to say I'm off to purchase it now! Keep it up, look forward to seeing more in the future
@janlosert Went to purchase, just for your info the link is broken on your website (https://gumroad.com/l/Zbogg)
@steerj92 Hi John, thanks for that kind of words. You're the second one who mentioned not working link but I've checked all of them here and all on my website and I couldn't find it. Which one seems to broken? Can you maybe take a screenshot please I would like to fix it. Thanks! :)
@janlosert It's all working now. Not sure if it was fixed your end or if it was mine. I've changed WiFi network since earlier, so that might have something to do with it. Going to purchase, thanks
@steerj92 Thanks John! And yeah, It's weird tho that you're the second one today who mentioned it here. But I always checked that and everything worked okay.
@janlosert all working fine now 😄 Nice work! Looking forward to digging in to the Sketch pack