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Dashbird increases your development speed and helps to cut costs by offering actionable monitoring, alerting, tracing and debugging for your serverless stack.

Initial setup takes only 2 minutes and doesn't require any code changes. Get instant error alerts via Slack or email and keep an eye on all of your lambda functions at one convenient place.

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Taavi Rehemägi
Taavi RehemägiMaker@taavi · Fanatic of backend applications
Hey hunters! We are proud to present yet another leap forward in the serverless ecosystem. As you may have noticed, serverless applications have been getting a lot of heat recently. We have come up with a tool to help maintain existing microservices. Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what is happening inside your lambda functions. Is everything operational? Do some lambdas fail silently so that you don’t notice? What really happened during that one failed invocation? We’ve created a tool that gives you a helicopter view of your entire stack but is also capable of pinpointing exactly what happened in a specific lambda. Dashbird will provide you information about invocation durations, memory usage, logs and failures.
N T@naeem · Fulltime traveler & product guy.
Woo. Slick work, boys.