Dash Radio

A curator-led digital broadcasting MCN, redefining radio



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DJ SkeeMaker@djskee
We built Dash to make radio good again. The corporate payola and interests that sucked the life out of radio and barriers that put broadcast back behind a gated wall are crumbling thanks to technology. We want to empower the best curators and DJs to do what they do best, all for free with no commercials or strings attached.
Erik TorenbergHiring@eriktorenberg · Former Product Hunt
@djskee Congrats on the launch Skee! Tell us a bit about the dash radio story, and how you guys got into tech?
DJ SkeeMaker@djskee
@eriktorenberg thanks! Radio traditionally has had this massive cost for entry- thus why 8 companies own over 90% of the broadcast airwaves (and why radio, many feel, including myself, has lost its soul- its become about the dollars, not music). Even satellite requires expensive hardware and subscriptions. We see the distribution mechanism changing for the first time ever as the connected car comes to the mainstream, and think the same thing that has happened in many industries- uber to taxis, youtube to video- is about to happen to broadcast. We put together an incredible team from all worlds to make the best radio platform in the world and put the power back in the best content creators hands. While everyone else fights it out in the streaming music subscription catalog business- which we are NOT- we want to reinvent the number one discovery platform historically for music, make it good, cut out the BS (and annoying 15 song playslists with 15 mins of commercials per hour), and, not to sound cliche, but try to save radio and make it cool again by empowering the best DJs, curators, and talent and deliver it to the masses in a simple, clean, and beautiful package. We figure it as an obvious play that no one has done yet (everyone else just simulcasts the same FM stations basically) and focus on curating the best content for listeners.
Richard Oakley@richoakley · Founder of Labs.fm
@djskee love the thinking behind it! It's the exact same motivation that led me to build Recast (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/...)
DJ SkeeMaker@djskee
@richoakley look forward to checking it out!
Jason@sixside · Founder, Plug.dj
@djskee do the DJs get paid?
Snoop Dogg@snoopdogg · The Doggfather
Shout out to DASH RADIO! Tha big homies are doing they thing with it! Hit me up n checc me out on it!! Cadillac Music.
Ryan Leslie@ryanleslie · Ryan Leslie
Real DJs > algorithms
Shashwat Pradhan@shashwatpradhan · CEO/Founder @emberify
The new graphics look great Skee!
Del Williams@delwilliams · Founder, Thinking Anew Media
Sounds great. How are you going to make money from it?