Dash for Tumblr

Easiest way to learn to build Tumble themes

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I've ran my blog on Tumblr for over 7 years and finding a neat theme was doable, but often, I wanted to customize the look and feel. General Assembly just rolled a new partnership w. fellow New York co. Tumblr to get the basics down on creating slick themes. Really cool, esp. the on-boarding experience which looks my Dashboard: https://twitter.com/daveambrose/...
Congrats on the launch, @nbashaw and team! This is super smart partnership and gives people that want to learn, a very clear purpose and end goal.
This is awesome! I actually taught my sisters (ages 12 and 13) HTML and CSS through Tumblr.
I'm glad I got to play a small part in this! Congrats on the launch @nbashaw and team!
Thanks for the kind words! This is something that would not have been possible without the help of Tumblr! They have been amazing partners and helped shape the product in a major way. Would love to answer any questions - AMA!