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DarwinBeats is a music streaming app for music fans who not only want to discover great music, but also want to support the artists behind the songs. We appreciate any feedback! @couroche is the founder of DarwinBeats, and he will be answering your questions. Thanks, Mike.
@mikerubini Thank you Mike, it's a real honor being here!
Music discovery/streaming is such a competitive space @couroche - keen to see what your inspiration is here?
@bentossell Hi Ben. I used to be in a band back in high school, and we were quite popular. We once entered a regional band competition and finished 2nd place, which got us some radio air time, interviews etc. But despite our local successes, none of us thought of the band as a safe career choice. In order to make it, you either need a lot of luck, or great marketing skills (or both). This is a problem that all musicians have to face, where making great music is just not enough... After all, even the Beatles had to go through a lot of rejections from labels before eventually breaking through.... The same guys who ended up being the most popular band ever! The inspiration for DarwinBeats came from user-curated sites like reddit, 9gag, PH, etc where the quality of a post will determine its success. The music industry doesn't have anything like that, and it's time talented artists are recognized for their music :)
@couroche exciting... keen to see how it evolves!
@bentossell Thanks Ben! On another note, is there any chance we can change the tag line? I feel it doesn't really explain what we do :/
DarwinBeats is a platform to discover music exclusively from independent artists, and help these artists by voting for them. So far we've already signed up 3500 artists, so there's already a lot of content on the app :)
Thanks Ben! On another note, is there any chance we can change the tag line? I feel it doesn't really explain what we do :/
I feel like this solves zero problem. People don't need more ways to discover music, let alone anything else for that matter. Musicians needs solutions. Fans could give a fart less. Make something useful.
@kingliv_ Thank you for your feedback. I agree that this post doesn't explain too well what we do. We're not just another way to discover music. With DarwinBeats you discover independent music, and the listeners are the ones curating the songs. The more a song gets voted up, the more it will be featured. The more it gets downvoted, the less it gets played. It's the natural selection of music, where music is curated organically. The music you hear every day is mostly just mainstream music. It represents less than 1% of the real music scene. Most music goes unheard, even when it's just as good or even better than what's in the mainstream. So while all the other platforms concentrate on playing this music, we provide a venue for the other 99% to get recognized. Artists get the benefit of being heard without having to manually promote their music (via social networks etc), and they get an opportunity to grow a fan-base (followers), and all they need to do to achieve that is make great music. No label, manager, or business skills required. Hope this clarifies what we do a little better.