Uber-minimal active learning tool for you and your friends.

A simple active learning tool for you and your friends. All this app does is test you daily with questions from anything you're learning. Hoping to expand it soon with more features like flash cards, pooled questions + mobile & mac app for a better user experience. I know similar tools exist - I just wanted one that's purely functional, completely free, looks good and allows for seamless collaboration. Android app on Google Play Some research: 225 study meta-analysis: Active learning (as opposed to lecture-based learning) increases student performance in science, engineering, and mathematics. Let me know what you think ~ feature suggestions and such :)
@ujzeee I <3 getting smarter
Awesome product. I love simple learning apps like this. I hope you get the ability to expand to other platforms in the future. Congratulations on the launch!
@dariomvvaccaro Thanks! Definitely hoping to expand it. I wanted to keep Facebook as the main login option since it's much easier to connect people :) A lot of college courses already have un-official Facebook groups, so it makes for a smoother user experience when users can easily see their friends courses.
Can't wait to use this for my final exams! Thanks Udara!
Now that I've got into it, the experience of the quizes is nice! I think it would be useful to add these features soon: 1. when you get an answer wrong, provide the opportunity to see what the right answer was - otherwise you're not really learning 2. mark a question as too easy / too hard so you can automatically create different "levels" within each subject 3. mark a question as suspect (if you think someone has created a question with the wrong answer)
@dancunningham Thanks for the input! :) Will add those features soon!
Looks great - but as soon as I went to test and login with Facebook, I got hit with an error. Any insight? Thanks!
@barrettshepherd Hmm that's strange! Didn't pick that error up on my end, but it might just be a temp. server issue. Could you try again? :)
@barrettshepherd Still getting an error. You should not display stacktraces publicly for security reasons.
@simoelalj Thanks for the heads up! It's definitely not supposed to show a stack trace ~ looking into it :)