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Welcome to the community platform with a goal to improve online discourse. Darto aims to simplify companionship and community building, all while helping promote healthy discussion. Find out how we make your life easier on our landing page!
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Daniel Taratorin
Daniel TaratorinMaker@daniel_darto
Hello Producthunt! 👋 We’re the team behind Darto, based from New York & Palo Alto. We were looking for a platform to host our online community (think Facebook Groups/Reddit/Discord) - and found that the entire ecosystem sucked. ❌ 👎 That’s why we set out to make Darto - a community platform that simplifies companionship and community building, all while helping promote healthy discussion. 💡 How is Darto different from other community platforms? 🤔 This is a question we get a lot - after all, Reddit and Facebook also call themselves platforms for communities! To learn more about our unique approach, visit our Landing page here: https://darto.me/ 💎 Here’s our TLDR: 🤝 Matured Moderation: we made Darto from the ground up to prevent abuse and harassment, and built moderation tools for both communities and user walls to do exactly this 🔎 Refreshed Content Discovery: Instead of an algorithm or a moderator deciding what you see, we put the power back in your hands. You’ll see the most interesting content rather than the content that generates the most clicks. 🗺️ Refreshed Content Categorization: Enjoy more tools to control your feed - subcategories in communities, global tags, chronological posts, a bunch of filters, and a permanent discover section to find new communities. 👫 Relationship Building: People are at the core of every community. Unlike other platforms, the spotlight is on the people, not just communities These are the general themes, but there is obviously more that makes Darto different. The easiest way to find out would be to simply try using Darto!
ERDEM OFLAZ@deleted-887493 · Software Developer
your design is very nice but a little bit tiring. I guess that's because of the color intensity.
Daniel Taratorin
Daniel TaratorinMaker@daniel_darto
@32d3m Thanks for the feedback! We actually have a dark mode in the works for colors that will reduce eye fatigue a bit - hopefully that can help reduce eye strain.
Duy Tran
Duy Tran@duy_tran2