Dart for iOS

Concise email. One tap replies.

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Wonder if @jason would like to take a look, in reference to http://calacanis.com/2015/01/30/...
Hi product hunters! Excited to get the iOS version of Dart out. This marks the start of the bigger vision, bringing one touch replies to devices like the Apple Watch and CarPlay. Here's a video of the Watch version in action
And here's one touch working between the Mac client and the iOS app.
Grab the iOS app now whilst it's free :)
Very cool! But I have a question on email integration as it asks me to put email and password in your own form without taking me to usual Gmail secure login. How did you implement access to email? It's your service, are you using 3rd party or what? As you can imagine people don't feel very comfortable sharing their email password with the first app they find on PH :). Thanks and good luck!
@sivola we're not using the API, just vanilla SMTP access, so you don't need to use the Google signin screen. The mail library we use is Mailcore which is very well supported and actually made by a google engineer :)
@aexmo Thanks, but so that means that my user/pwd are sitting on the device and potentially on your servers, right?
@aexmo I'd recommend going through the Google Auth process and then using that to acquire a password for SMTP. I don't think it's feasible these days for an app to ask for your master email password, especially in Gmail. Checkout https://developers.google.com/gm...
@callumj I reckon thats a really horrible experience though, if people are wary they can use 2-factor auth and create an app specific password for 3rd party tools
@callumj but if enough people ask, then it's no drama to do it :)
Only in your phone's keychain, same as any other mail client that stores your email credentials. We can't access that (and wouldn't ever need to!)
@aexmo well, I'm sure you are not, but as soon as I enter my email and password you could easily get that plain text and send it to your servers before adding it to keychain. To be clear, we are not trying to be difficult here, but the original goal of PH was to collect feedback on early products, so take it as such. Then of course you decide if your first goal is experience or security. It's all about balance and maybe many people don't care.
@sivola No that's fantastic feedback, much appreciated. Of course security is of the upmost importance so anything we can do to improve that whilst providing a tight ux is a priority
love idea of constraints to email. give me permission to be super brief. nice!