Quantified-self for your ass and posture (pre-order)

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I think I need this...
@caro I think I do too. I've been going to this crazy physio who has been showing me that i have a ton of core muscles that never fire.
@cambel @caro You are right. This is why we just involved Dana Santas, who is Mobility Expert and Yoga Trainer in MLB, NHL, NFL & NFL. Darma is fortunate to tap into Dana’s knowledge of functional movement, stretching and breathing.
@caro Thank you. Feel free to give us any feedback and comments.
The Darma Initiative? :P
@danlev Darma is named after Bodhidharma, the father of Zen and meditation. Our goal is to bring wisdom to everyday sitting.
Talk about Glutea Maxima!
@AnujAdhiya Yes. Sit better is important for our health.
Hi friends, I am the founder of Darma Inc. We are very happy to hear your comments to make Darma the best to help you sit better and smarter.
I can't wait to get one :)
@mada299 Thank you, Mada. We are working very hard to make it available ASAP.