Darkness v2

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#3 Product of the DayDecember 09, 2018

Darkness is a browser extension that provides beautiful dark themes for popular websites such as Google, Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, and dozens of others

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Thanks for the hunt, @benln Hi everyone! I’m Lior, the founder of Darkness. Darkness is a browser extension that provides beautiful dark themes for popular websites such as Google and Facebook. Aside from looking cool, dark themes have real benefits: reducing eye strain and fatigue, eliminating glare at night, and improving sleep quality. Today we’re glad to introduce Darkness v2, which takes dark themes to the next level: ✔ Support for over 20 websites: YouTube, Gmail, Google Drive, Google Photos, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Google Keep, Google Calendar, Reddit, Dropbox, GitHub, Trello, StackOverflow, Inbox and others ✔ 7 different dark color themes to choose from: Iceberg, Tomorrow, Material Design, Dusk, Red Alert, Coffee, and The Matrix ✔ New simplified user-interface ✔ Firefox add-on (in addition to the Chrome extension) Darkness comes in 2 flavors which you may choose from: 1. Darkness open source - self-hosted. All functionality, websites and skins are 100% free to use, pull requests are welcome! https://github.com/liorgrossman/... 2. Darkness freemium - downloadable from Chrome or Firefox stores: https://chrome.google.com/websto... https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US... This free version offers a dark theme for Google and Facebook for free. By upgrading to Pro (one time $5 payment via PayPal) you can enjoy 7 skins on all 20+ supported website. Obviously, Darkness lets you try those skins before upgrading. We’ve reached over 100K users with Darkness v1, I can’t wait to see how far we get with Darkness v2. Give it a try and let me know what you think, I’d be happy to answer your questions. Cheers, Lior
Any chance of a safari add-on?
@mickc79 Safari support is not planned at the moment, sorry. Initially we only had a Chrome extension, then based on popular demand we've ported it to Firefox. I assume if there will be enough demand, we'll port it to Safari too, but we haven't got many requests for that so far.
Too bad every site can't do this natively. I know it takes effort to make an entirely new colour scheme, but for the biggies out there they should just dedicate a few designers to it for a week or two and get it done. And while they're at it also support macOS Dark Mode automatically so based on your current Dark Mode setting, it changes from light to dark mode. (Not even sure if that is accessible from the browser, but it should be.)
@joshuapinter Yep. Seems like many website don't want the hassle of having to deal with more than one color scheme. It does make sense to me, as this could increase the time to develop (and test) each new component or feature added to the website. One of the reasons we made Darkness open source is to allow designers and developers to easily create a skin for their favorite website. We built all the boilerplate so building a new skin is as easy as possible. Re detecting macOS Dark Mode - that's a wonderful idea! Need to figure out how to do it.
Looks super good! Only thing missing for me is support for slack!
@fotiskarioris Thanks Fotis! Agreed, Slack is definitely one of the next websites we should work on (already has Gmail, Inbox, Messenger support, so Slack would make a lot of sense).
@liorgrossman The absence of slack kept me from instantly going pro! You have done an amazing work!
Great stuff. Thanks a lot. Researchers and people from many streams will be glad to use this.
@mukilan Thank you! Indeed, dark themes are great for prolonged period of reading (and writing)