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Lior Grossman — Co-Founder & CEO, Wikiwand
Lior, the creator of Darkness here.
Darkness was created as a result of my personal pain (literally pain - I mean it).
Working 15 hours a days in front of a computer screen, I found that prolonged and repetitive use of bright websites cause eye strain and fatigue.
While a lot of software has the ability to switch from bright to dark themes, most big websites don't.
That's why I created "Darkness" - allowing you to "darken" your websites. It currently supports Facebook, Google, YouTube*, and Gmail* and more to come soon.
Darkenss significantly reduces eye strain and fatigue, and eliminates the annoying bright glare at night.
As opposed to simply inverting all website colors, which often looks ugly, I've decided to work with designers to professionally skin the websites.
I hope you'll enjoy Darkness as much as I do. I'd be happy to answer your questions, please reply below!
Come to the dark side,
Lior Grossman
Rotem Yakir — CEO/CTO Guggy - Fun-up Your Message
@liorgrossman Hey, it's really looks great. However, I could only use it on Google and Facebook. I understand that a "man gotta eat" but paying 5$ seems very steep to get 2 more site especially when there are 1000 more sites that you could add. I believe that getting 10+ sites for free and paying 5$ to get 100+ more seems more reasonable. But hey, that is just my opinion. Nevertheless, you got my upvote :)
Lior Grossman — Co-Founder & CEO, Wikiwand
@rotemthegolfer Thanks for the feedback! 100% fair point.
Developing Darkness is challenging, since a designer has to work for a few days to skin each any every website (unlike some other solutions, we're not inverting the website's colors, but we build hand-crafted unique CSS for each website).
Therefore, offering Darkness for 100+ websites seems unlikely at the moment, and it would take years (unless we go for a Kickstarter project).
We do intend, however, to skin more websites by popular demand. Several users already expressed their interest in Darkness for Redit, Google Docs, and even the New Tab page.
This will not happen in one day, though, but will happen gradually as Darkness grows and we can generate enough revenue ($5 is not a lot, and the vast majority of our users are free users) to afford skinning more and more websites.
Srikar Gudipati — CS, Rutgers University, 2019
@liorgrossman Perhaps you can open source the extension's CSS skin files so other developers can help you enable this extension on different websites. I would love to help out if you did this!
Lior Grossman — Co-Founder & CEO, Wikiwand
@srikarg_ Great suggestion, will definitely consider it going forward.
Charles Kunene — Co-founder & Product Designer @Obaa
@liorgrossman Thanks for this. Can I use it on Firefox as well?
Ugotsta — Fanatical Contributor, AlternativeTo.net
@srikarg that's already possible using an extension like Stylish: https://www.producthunt.com/tech...

Darkness focuses strictly on dark themes that are easy on the eyes so it's ultimately easier for end users to make use of it. I think the commercial model helps to ensure high quality themes too, something that can vary greatly with extensions like Stylish.
Taylor Rossi — Unlimited Dreams
@liorgrossman so it's free download
Lior Grossman — Co-Founder & CEO, Wikiwand
@yachtsofideas Yes it is
Lior Grossman — Co-Founder & CEO, Wikiwand
@charles_kunene No Firefox version at the moment
Syed Irfaq R. ⚡️ — Founder & CEO, Lukonet
@liorgrossman Hey, It's great. I love dark themes, they definitely help for the eyes. Since you say, your designer has to skin every site, I have an idea but I'm not sure if it would work. If you've used Flux on Mac, There's an option called "Color Effects" and if you go inside it, it has an option called "Darkroom" which when you select, turns the whole screen into dark red or inverts the screen. I'm not sure about the exact term but it looks like an unprocessed old school film effect. So my idea is to use the same tech and just apply the darkness (If we really can achieve that), Though I think the results might not be as good as manual skinning but it should be doable. Just a thought.
Lior Grossman — Co-Founder & CEO, Wikiwand
@irazasyed Thanks, I will take a look
Hammy Havoc — CEO, Split An Atom
@liorgrossman Love this, any chance of bringing it to Firefox? Not a Chrome user for privacy reasons, but really struggle with long stints in front of bright websites.
Lior Grossman — Co-Founder & CEO, Wikiwand
@hammyhavoc Thanks Hammy. Unfortunately no Firefox version is planned at the moment. But this is something we will consider in the future.
Lior Grossman — Co-Founder & CEO, Wikiwand
@srikarg_ Open source for Darkness is planned and will be available soon - please join our group to help with the process: https://www.facebook.com/groups/...
Alexander Isora 🌀 — Phoenix Startup creator, developer
Personally I don't like black themes: it makes my eyes tired. Yet, my IDE is all black because I want to feel like a hacker Neo when coding 😂
Lior Grossman — Co-Founder & CEO, Wikiwand
@sweetiebelka Seems legit :)
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