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Add a dark-mode to your website in a few seconds πŸŒ“

A plugin that adds a dark-mode / night-mode to your website. Just copy paste the snippet, and that's it!
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Hi Product Hunt πŸ‘‹, I am Sandoche, a maker, designer and developer. I recently wanted to add a dark-mode to Kanbanote, one of my website, and then I thought, why not to do it for all my websites at once? that is why I decided to build this plugin that makes dark-mode easily available to any project. Just copy paste the snippet and you will get a widget to turn on and off the dark-mode. You can also use it without the widget programmatically. The plugin is lightweight, built in VanillaJS and open source ! I hope you will like it!
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I was beta tester and added it to my website https://what.toeat.in It worked like a charm, I like getting things done fast 😁


Easy, fast and effective, it does what it promises. Very good for amoled screens


Need extra css to customize the default colors

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Hi Patricia thanks for trying it in beta! Yes if you want to have perfect colors you do need to add a bit of CSS, it will take a few seconds more ;)
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@patricia_mayo1 Cool plugin. However it's weird to see you complementing on one of your own sites as a beta tester!
@farshad_sadri I am not sure I understand. I did a review because I have used the plugin myself.
@rrhoover @aaronoleary It would be an honor if you do so :)
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It's an open source and easy-to-use tool which most website should use nowadays as the dark theme is becoming more and more popular.


Managed to darkify two of my website easily.


None so far. Maybe having more colors in the future would be cool, although to me the dark one would suffice.

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Actually you have options coming with the library so you can easily change the color!
A few people have already mentioned, but I'll reiterate that this would be amazing to have working in Wordpress. Great work.
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@justcharlie Thanks, yes I'll keep in mind :)
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@justcharlie Hi, I just got mentionned on twitter by @BarisUnver_EN he built a Wordpress plugin using the darkmode-wiget: https://wordpress.org/plugins/da...
@justcharlie @barisunver_en @envisionwithj @ayush_chandra @mahmudulalam @new_user_cca5c9dab6 @jose_sotelo @sandochee I dig blackout. I've very few coding skills where WordPress is concerned; I just installed the plugin. It works and has good customisation options installed.
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