Dark Sky for Web

Hyperlocal weather information, now on the web ⛈

#4 Product of the DaySeptember 21, 2016
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Dark Sky is one of the best iOS apps, known for its "rain prediction" notifications. Nice to see it accessible on the web.
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@rrhoover vs Rain Parrot? Same features and free (not such slick UI though). Just added it to PH https://www.producthunt.com/tech...
I don't get why their iOS app is not available outside US!
@amirmasoudabdol my guess would be the data source
Dark sky has the coolest logo.
I like how it uses IP address location initially, then only prompts for location permissions when the current location button is clicked. Too many sites ask for location permission immediately. The Widget on the Dark Sky update for iOS 10 is awesome too now that they added the better rain graph. Very nice design improvements.
This is EXCELLENT. Been using forecast.io as a dark sky web replacement but this easily beats it.
@300mhz This is actually a rebranded and updated forecast.io – Dark Sky and Forecast.io are made by the same team. Wonder when they'll take forecast.io offline to avoid confusion..
@iamsebj it is. See the notice at the bottom of the forecast site
@andym_dc Ah yep. When I commented there was no notice!
@iamsebj @300mhz I actually got an email from them two days ago ( a day before this post went live) as I am registered as an active API user of forcast.io. They said that immediately you can access their api from the new darksky domain and everything is synced over (API request numbers and account info). They said that forcast.io will continue to work but will eventually be discontinued in favor of the new domain (however no deadline was provided). Here is the web version of the email they sent out to developers: http://us5.campaign-archive1.com...
@_jacurtis @300mhz Good that they're syncing API stuff over. Thanks for the info!